I really enjoy working with Half-Ogre Studios. Tim is so positive, supportive and proactive, always offering solutions and going the extra mile. Tim is always quick to respond and he is genuinely interested in making your podcast the best that it can be. Tim is exactly who you need if you are starting out on a new podcast or at any stage you are at in the process. Tim will bring energy, commitment, new ideas and value to the process. Thank you Tim. I am happy to be on this journey with you!

Laura Richards BSc, MSc, MBPsS, Host - Crime Analyst and Real Crime Profile

I started working with Half-Ogre Studios about a month ago to help me build out my podcast – Stories From My Father. Because this was my first venture into the podcast space, it was important that I went with a company that could provide a complete turnkey experience. Working with Half-Ogre Studios has been nothing short of amazing. Tim provided a high level of professionalism, guidance, and support. We were able to get my podcast up and running in less than one month. We are preparing to release the second episode in less than a month time. I would recommend Half-Ogre Studios and Tim if you are looking for a complete 360 experience.

Tim Hanson at Half-Ogre Studios and I began working together after a conversation about his passion for producing podcasts. I had an idea that I’d been wrestling with and he enthusiastically supported me in setting up the structure for my podcast concept. The set-up process and synergy was seamless. Tim offered clear direction, insightful feedback and technical savvy that was more than I could have imagined. He’s nimble, he knows this business and uses his knowledge to outline a clear direction that strategically positions new podcasts. Candidly, he’s just a great guy to work with. If you’re looking for high-quality creative sound production along with priceless strategic knowledge about how to breakthrough — Tim Hanson at Half-Ogre Studios is your guy!!!

Tim Hanson of Half-Ogre Studios did a super job in enhancing our podcast audio. He also stepped up by providing extensive free instructions on how to start our Talking Tennis Southern Style podcast.

Tim cleaned up one of the shows we did on location at the clients restaurant patio. He got rid of cars going past, waiters that forgot we were podcasting, dogs barking at the pet day care next door, and other issues. It was an important show because it was paid advertiser, and we were super pleased with Tim’s work

Tim was a pleasure to work with.  He was friendly and professional and certainly a very knowledgeable and skilled Podcast editor and producer without a doubt.  I would refer Half Ogre Studios to anyone needing Podcast services!