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Crime Analyst

If you are curious about the ‘who dunnit’ and the ‘why dunnit’ and how and why victims become footnotes in their own murders, Crime Analyst is for you. Hosted by world renowned and award-winning Criminal Behavioral Analyst Laura Richards.


It’s 3AM With Shea Love

I wake up at 3 A.M. every morning. In the past, I’d spend that time tossing and turning, struggling to go back to sleep. But one morning I had an epiphany…I bet other people are up just like me wrestling with things that keep them up at night. Why do people lie? Why do people ghost? So I started It’s 3AM : The Podcast to unpack questions around relationships, life, and work. Whatever question…I briefly mull them over and then put them to bed. Join me.

Newly released episodes every Thursday at 3 A.M. EST. Listen on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts.


Stories From My Father

Stories From My Father is a rare collection of real and unedited stories as told by my father that offers timeless insights into everyday matters of the heart. These are riveting and authentic moments about faith, family, fears and relationships; and learning how to navigate through the bullshit that often attaches itself to it. Stories From My Father is about discovering how to let go of the bad stuff, and hold onto the meaningful stuff. With the occasional guest and viewpoints from others, prepare yourselves to laugh, cry, stretch and grow as we go on this amazing journey of truth-telling from the lens of my father – a Black man born during the segregated South in Louisiana.


He Said, She Said Movie Reviews

April and Tim share their love of movies and each other with their listeners. A pair of movie fanatics, having seen over 3,500 movies together, April and Tim bring their unique perspective and that of their genders to their movie reviews.


Simply Sounds Podcast

Simply Sounds Podcast, the ambient sounds podcast because Life needs background noise.