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Welcome to Half-Ogre Studios

We help you get podcasting. Your job is to produce great content, and our job is to make you sound fantastic. We take away the hassle and work of the technical aspects of podcasting, giving you time to grow your business.

Top Reasons Why You Should Have a Podcast

  • To create a convenient medium for your consumers with audio content.
  • To target a specific audience.
  • To increase the size and value of your network.
  • To establish yourself as an authority in your industry.
  • To promote your own products or services.
  • To create an intimacy with your target audience that no other medium provides.
  • To have fun – because podcasting is a blast!
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Discover More Episodes

Crime Analyst

February 17th, 2021|Podcast, Trending Episodes|

Also Available On Podcast Description If you are curious about the ‘who dunnit’ and the ‘why dunnit’ and how and why victims become footnotes in their own murders,

Where sound matters!

Half-Ogre Studios is your one stop for great sounding vocal audio recording and production. We took the time learning the tools and technology so you can spend your time focusing on your content.

About Tim Hanson

  • Tim Hanson – Podcast Sound Engineer, Producer and Consultant.
  • Tim is a graduate and Certified Podcast Engineer from the Podcast Engineering School podcastengineeringschool.com He has produced and edited hundreds of podcast episodes for shows like He Said She Said Movie Reviews, What’s Up Dunwoody and Man on the Seat.
  • Tim is also a podcaster and hosts the show He Said, She Said Movie Reviews with his wife April.

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